Project Description

We have been involved in air conditioning for 24 years and have built up significant experience over these years. We have a large repeat customers base for which we carry out all airconditioning needs. From minor to major servicing of all aircon units, fault finding, repairs, gas leaks, welding and recharging of systems, attending to corrosion as well as PC board repairs. Tim Brooks has been involved in designing his own applicable systems for building needs with the focus being on the VRV/DVM/VRF systems. This work is our main focus in the airconditioning industry and has accreditation by Samsung, Daikin and Mitsubishi for their VRV systems. We have perfect credit records with our main suppliers, Samsung, Alliance, Carrier, Daikin, Kovco, Northside Electrical, AAP and BluChem. We run three permanent vans/teams and three semi-permanent teams for the altering workloads through the annual seasons.

Supplier Category: Bathroom / Air, Fittings, Indoor

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