Project Description

Star bright Chemicals and Sanitation Services is a well established chemicals supply and services company with over 15 years of experience and knowledge, we are dedicated to delivering high quality product ranges from general cleaning chemicals to specialist cleaning chemicals to clients across a variety of industries and services, offering comprehensive and eco-friendly solutions no matter what your need.

This experience and knowledge has helped us understand our clients specific needs for their businesses, we supply a broad range of high quality chemicals and services at affordable prices whether it be in the commercial, leisure or industrial sectors. We make use of only the best chemical manufacturers in the market in order to provide you, our client with the best solution for your business keeping your bottom line in mind.

Here are some of the products we supply
1. Room care chemicals - shower, tile and grout cleaner, toilet cleaner and destainer, multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, furniture polish, air freshener.
2. Kitchen cleaner - concentrated rinse aid, dishwashing detergent, enzyme and bacteria mixture, multi-purpose cleaner, heavy duty alkaline cleaner, acid cleaner, stainless steel brightener, heavy duty oven cleaner, all puros detergent disinfectant, crockery destainer, QAC disinfectant, hand soap, hand rub.
3. Laundry care - bleach, laundry adjunct, liquid laundry detergent, laundry alkali booster, laundry oxygen bleach, fabric softener.
4. Bathroom care - shower, tile and grout cleaner, perfumed hand soap, hand sanitizer, acid descaler, toilet cleaner and descaler, multi purpose cleaner, floral air freshener.


We make cleaning and sanitation easy, saving you time, saving you money!

We offer free training and technical support on all our products

We are eco-aware and supply a wide range of eco-friendly products and solutions

Our skilled and highly trained staff have all the accreditations you may require

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