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Helping your brand be seen. See the light! We can light up your world with our specialist lighting products that are sustainable, energy efficient and extremely cost-effective. At Prestige Signage, we believe strongly that your success is our success. Helping you succeed is our job, our profession, and our passion. To succeed in the sign business, you need to build repeat business. To do that you need to create graphics that produce value for your customer by communicating effectively. We can deliver nationwide roll outs, way finding signage, totem and monolith signs, 3D letters (molded, steel, plastic & aluminium), illuminated. LED & neon LED lighting are flagship products for us.

SIGNS DO TWO THINGS: Communicate and Inform

Having produced a number of signage programs out of South Africa, we have established excellent relationships with signage companies in Africa, who we utilize to install signage for us in various areas.

E.g.: Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar etc.

Our experiences have taught us that it is cost effective to produce the signage out of one factory, for Southern Africa, and transport same to the local installers who, being well aware of the situations in their areas, are also understanding of the local laws and requirements regarding signage, and are given the responsibility of installing the signs for us in these areas. One of the additional advantages to the utilization of this methodology is that there is no
requirement for us to obtain working permits in areas where it is sometimes most difficult to do so.

It further allows us to interact with other sign companies throughout Southern Africa,
allowing a cross-pollination of concepts and ideas and allowing these companies to grow
with the expertise that we share with them.

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