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COVID-19 – Corona virus. We provide disinfecting services and control …..We provide a disinfecting service for hotels rooms and public area and selling Baciberier disinfectant in the form of tablets. Dioxychlor’s BactiBarrier™ comes in a convenient TABLET form. This means you can store the equivalent of 100 liters of disinfectant in a matchbox. So, simple to use. Dioxychlor’s Bactibarrier™ requires less than 120 seconds to eliminate all Bacteria, Viruses, mold, yeast, mycobacteria, protozoa,  spores, Fungi and bacterial spores making it one of the fastest acting, broad spectrum disinfectants on the market today. Our service includes; specialized disinfection / sanitizing of premises, Odor removal, Waterless disinfection, Hygiene process engineering, Hygiene systems, Hygiene consultation, Cross contamination prevention systems.

Supplier Category: COVID, Hygiene, Service Provider

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