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We specialise in a wide variety of solutions for dry cleaning, laundry and hospitality consumables. This includes our manufacturing and supply of branded suit bags, hangers, refuse and laundry bags, clothing rails and dry cleaning. On top of this, we also supply laundry machines, and finishing equipment as well as other types of hospitality products. Our goal has always been to supply top quality hospitality cleaning solutions and consumables. We are dedicated to improving the performance of hospitality businesses, through an improvement of the quality of their products.

This is why we offer additional products such as laundry marking systems and tags, pens and stationery. As such, we have sourced the highest standard of products which will benefit every facet of a vacation room. With comfort an essential part of the holiday and getaway experience, we ensure that your clients are satisfied with the space.

At Condrou Manufacturing, we look to supply your vacation space with products which maintain quality. With dry cleaning solutions, we supply green products which are far less abrasive than cleaning products from the past. With your dry cleaner’s years of experience and top notch cleaning products, your customers will have cloths which look and feel great.

On top of this, our systems are able to handle large amounts of items. This is down to the fact that the systems can hold higher capacities while still maintaining the quality of cleaning. You will be providing an added service to your clients, something which can improve your brand image.

We pride ourselves as being a leading hospitality products and consumables supplier in South Africa. Our motivation is to supply all hotel chains with the best standard of cleaning products and supplies.

Feel free to contact us today for more information on our products and supply. We cannot wait to start this partnership together. Allow us to improve the quality of your dry cleaning services.

Browse through our website and see what we offer our clients. We guarantee that our supply is of the best quality that can be found today.

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