Premium Benefits

that we guarantee when you sign up as a supplier

all this for only R499 per month!

  • 4Hotels’ databases consists of over 18000 Hotel, Lodges and corporate companies over sub-Sahara Africa.

  • We do direct marketing towards the decision makers, we contact them via email.

  • We receive news letters from expos on new hotels all over the African continent. These buyers are looking for South African suppliers & service providers.

  • Up to 10 000 Hotel & lodges just in South Africa on our databases.

  • Up to XXXXXXX corporate companies listed on our databases in RSA.

  • Any visitor / buyer have direct access to your website, no middle man scenario.

  • On our website we provide almost 100 different categories. Max x10 suppliers / service providers per sub category. This will limit the competition between suppliers.

  • We do “score” suppliers before registration. This means we load proper companies according to FICA regulations. This process ensures the buyers have access to back up serviced companies and it makes the playing field even between suppliers quotations.

  • Our marketing campaigns send out almost 120 000 emails every month. Our continuous marketing creates increased loyalty.

  • R1,6 BN was invested into new hotels in South Africa in 2019 and around R6,9BN in total over the next three years.

  • 6 of the fastest growing economies are in Africa.

  • 289 Hotel construction projects underway now in Africa.

  • 3900 New hotel rooms in the pipeline in South Africa between 2019 to 2022 and 75 155 New hotel rooms are in the African pipeline.

  • 445M is the overall room revenue forecast in Nigeria in 2023.

  • $ 270M foreign tourism to South Africa to rebound beginning of 2021 with gains in excess of 3% annually…if COVID-19 is managed correctly.

  • Tourism is the largest contributor to GDP across the African continent.

  • 4Hotels will be represented at all expo’s in RSA. Also to visit expo’s in other African countries to research and market 4Hotel group even further.

  • 4Hotels is already booked for the 2021 Hotel expo at Gallagher estate in June.

  • We are listed with 50 different associations to ensure maximum exposure.

  • Tenders & venders. 4Hotels generate tenders in different departments. Only a registered supplier / service provider will have access to these tenders.

  • Very low monthly subscription, maximum exposure. Reduced marketing costs = higher profitability.

  • We’ll promote inter action with suppliers, use each other to create opportunities. This means we will add any new developments for all to be informed.

  • Full transparency between organizations buyer and supplier. If there are any complaints or compliments, relevant companies will be informed accordingly.

  • 4Hotels creates product / service awareness. If you don’t do marketing, who will know about you?

  • Hospitality industry and corporate development will recover after COVID-19. Best time to do extra marketing is now!

  • Hospitality industry one of the fastest growing industries in RSA and Africa. Stats from PWC ( ) shows and discuss in detail.

  • SIGN UP NOW and be part of a huge marketing network. Out of 49 000 companies being contacted right now, only 500 will be registered now on this special!

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