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R and R Pest Control

We specialize in pest control and hygiene in all levels of cleaning and ground maintenance. Our clients have asked us to offer other services which are in line with our current commitment to high standards of service. We have brought together the expertise and capabilities of experienced people, to help our clients meet their goals. In simple terms, we find out what our clients want and use our contacts to help them get it as efficiently as possible. Well known as the industry leader in providing environmentally safe, reliable and superior services to protect our customer’s health and property.


DioxyChlor SA

COVID-19 – Corona virus. We provide disinfecting services and control …..We provide a disinfecting service for hotels rooms and public area and selling Baciberier disinfectant in the form of tablets. Dioxychlor’s BactiBarrier™ comes in a convenient TABLET form. This means you can store the equivalent of 100 liters of disinfectant in a matchbox. So, simple to use. Dioxychlor’s Bactibarrier™ requires less than 120 seconds to eliminate all Bacteria, Viruses, mold, yeast, mycobacteria, protozoa,  spores, Fungi and bacterial spores making it one of the fastest acting, broad spectrum disinfectants on the market today. Our service includes; specialized disinfection / sanitizing of premises, Odor removal, Waterless disinfection, Hygiene process engineering, Hygiene systems, Hygiene consultation, Cross contamination prevention systems.

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a recognized world leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC). Bureau Veritas Ensure that health, safety, and hygiene procedures are put in place for the resumption of activity, meet local and international regulations, as well as recognized best practices • Confirm that the procedures defined are relevant to the specific needs of the company’s area of business, and that they are effectively implemented •  Deliver a certification or conformity label representing its role as a trustworthy independent third party.

Factory Cat Equipment

Factory Cat is a world-leading manufacturer of floor scrubbers, floor sweeper and floor scrubber-sweeper machines for the industrial sector. Make your environment a cleaner, greener one by partnering with the leading manufacturers of quality cleaning equipment suitable for all industrial cleaning requirements. Our services include; Floor Cleaning Machines, Floor Cleaning Equipment, Cleaning Staff, Basement Cleaning, Parking Lot Cleaning & Sweeping, Floor Scrubbers SA, Contract Cleaners, Floor Cleaning Company, Floor Cleaning Supplier Floor Scrubber. 

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Eco Business Solutions

Laundry is an overlooked industry, one that we are passionate about. As a team, our combined experience and expertise enable us to provide innovative laundry solutions for even the most challenging environments. We have collectively worked with clients in the health, food, hospitality and residential sectors. EBS is a trusted laundry and hospitality consultant, offering comprehensive consulting and staff training, for hotels, laundry businesses, and other such establishments. We help clients in the hospitality industry not only  streamline laundry operations but reduce laundry costs too.  Over and above that, we supply industrial chemicals for cleaning, kitchen and laundry.

Misting SA

Misting SA is a misting company. Our motto reads, one technology, many solutions. This enables us to cover many aspects of the industry including restaurant misting, humidification, cooling, odor and pest control. In the current Covid Climate we have been able to introduce sanitation and disinfection to our portfolio as misting plays an integral part. We provide disinfection equipment and provide only Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous products to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses (including Covid-19) on contact. We also offer deep cleaning services as a value adding service.

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P&Q Solutions

Our primary service is developing, manufacturing and supplying environmental chemicals to various industries.  We also offer problem solving to customers that require help in “chemical solutions.” We are a solutions-driven company that aims to solve problems by developing specialty and niche products for a variety of markets and industries. Our Research and Development Team will analyse and assess each situation at hand and provide a sustainable solution for every unique need or problem. Some of our products include; Dust Suppression, Microbial Cleaning, Specialty De-greasers, Water treatment, Corrosion Inhibitors, Engine Cooling System Cleaning, Sanitizers & Disinfectants, and many more.

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VTT Gel Fuels

We are a Level 1 BBBEE Johannesburg based company that manufactures and supplies chafing fuel gel for the catering, restaurant and hotel industry.
We manufacture methanol base  fuel gel of good quality, with no bad smell and burns evenly longer and its environmentally friendly hence the name ” The Blue Flame”. And easy to put it off by using water or cover on the can. Our products include; Gel fuels, alcohol base waterless hand sanitizers, fumigating disinfectants and more. We also cater for the exporting market.

LPG Pest Control

COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS – GUARANTEED! LPG Pest Control service the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. Our Pest Control Services encompass far more than eliminating relentless bugs or removing rodents. Partner with LPG Pest Control for complete peace of mind. We understand your unique needs. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your circumstances, wherever you are: Food retail, Restaurants, Fast Food Operators, Food & Beverage Processors, Hospitality Health Care, Commercial, Industrial. Let us help you protect your business and employees.

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RMS Digital

RMS Digital is completely flexible in design and manufacturing of UVC infection control systems. Our products are manufactured from medical grade stainless steel, aluminum, powder coated or brushed finish. All products have built in movement safety sensors with the latest in electronics. Units can be fully electronic or semi manual. We don’t subscribe to one size fits all, designing and manufacture to what the needs and budget will dictate. UVC is one of the friendliest germicidal products that you could use. it’s very powerful as a germicidal 99.980% eradication of pathogens. All UVC light tubes have a life span of 8,000 hours. 3-year warranty on the manufacturing construction, 6 months on the UVC tubes and ballasts. Easy to use by anyone after suitable training. UVC cannot penetrate glass – material as long as the operator covers his eyes and skin, its completely safe. No more expensive chemicals.